What really is the difference between a chopper or a "custom motorcycle"?

Is it just me or does the word chopper not have the real, authentic meaning that it used to have? Nowadays it is sometimes hard to tell the difference between what is really a chopper or not. What is the difference between a chopper and a custom motorcycle (if there is a difference)? I plan on building choppers real soon but I want to make I have the right idea of what really makes a chopper a chopper. Some people say they build choppers (OCC, Jesse James, etc..), but other people argue against them saying they dont build choppers but that they build custom bikes, it gets confusing sometimes. Whats your input on this? Thanks.

Which is the most comfortable japanese custom motorcycle below 650cc for a long trip?

Thinking of a motorcycle that doesnt give a hard time for your kidneys after long hours of riding (meaning, hard shocks). A motorcycle that is not to heavy, but can handle well the combined weight of two passangers of 300 punds (136 kg).
the 300 pounds is both passangers… not each!

At what age can you get your motorcycle license in Colorado ?

I am about to turn 16 in February and can drive to classes if needed. I want to get my motorcycle license but understand that you might have to be 18! Started a custom chopper but now I heard this! Help

How to make custom pipes for motorcycle?

I have a 1980 Honda cmt 400. I want to make it LOUD… I rode with a custom bobber several weeks ago and he had custom pipes on his bike (I never got his number) but his bike was so loud, I couldnt hear my engine when I was riding with him.. it was amazing. I was wondering what I have to exactly do.

I found this video and was looking for some SPECIFIC guidance, the person from this video never responded back to me.

Thanks for the help!

Custom motorcycle help?

Ok so ive ben working on this bike for awile every thing is mismatch parts and fabrication. So im ready to put in the back rim i got today and the rear sprocket is an inch to far out from the drive shaft. Am i skrewd or is there a way to bring the drive out an inch?

A realy want to use this rim becuz its a wide one

Any ideas or suggestion’s would great thank you!
dude the the fking sproket is on the drive shaft that gose in to the trany dont waist my time with your mundane bulshit
no make or modle if you can fking read dont answer if you dont have one

New York State Motorcycle inspection requirements?

I won a Custom Motorcycle that came with no Speedometer, no turn signals, no mirrors, and the front brake does not work the brake light.
From what I have read I don’t need turn signals to pass an inspection if the motorcycle was built without them? But do I need a speedometer, Mirrors, and a front brake light to pass an inspection?

how can i make a custom body kit for a motorcycle?

what will i need to do it myself, what is best to do it with thanks

Need a local vendor for custom motorcycle license plate frames in San Francisco CA area?

I am looking for a vendor of custom license plate frames for motorcycles. We have a font that is trademarked and need it on the frames so we don’t want to use a online vendor (even though I’ve found some good ones) because we need to ensure the font is not duplicated for any other use aside from ours. Anyways does anyone in the Northern California area, preferably near the Bay area know of anyone that does plate frames? Saw one pop up at the mall back in the day but don’t know of anything free standing that will be around for more then just Christmas.

Also, not lookin for the cheap ones that are just a plastic piece that’s cut then glued to the frame, I want the good one piece ones. Need someone that can do Black and Chrome frames. This is for a group of guys here in the area, not for advertising so need a company that doesn’t have a huge quantity requirement for orders.

How do I Custom Paint my Motorcycle?

I am looking for the steps to custom paint my Harley Sportster to become a Mighty Mouse Bike. The front fender his arm and fist the gas tank his face and the rear fender his legs. I am going to order pre-primed parts from Harley and paint them myself…but what kind of paint do I need and what kind of finish coat do I need? Also need to make a red seat for the cape…any Suggestions? Thanks for the help.

I have to get a vin# check on a out of state custom motorcycle from Calif hwy patrol?

are they going to check for turn signals,horn and stuff like that?

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