how do you lower a harley davidson sportster 1200 c?

it’s a 2003 harley davidson sportster 1200 custom any one with knowledge on how to do it?

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  • kelly_f_1999 says:

    shorter shocks there is adapters for it but really you can look into a few sportster forums and get better info try any one of these wil get you with other who have gone there and done that mine is still like i got it 10 yrs a go pretty much but ive found the forums a great place to get answers

  • reddishpa says:

    J&P Cycles sell lowering kits for the front and back.

  • LeifR says:

    When you throw it in the dumpster make sure it falls on Mark W. and his family.

  • yamaharyda_718 says:

    spend some time and money at mcdonalds, your harley will sit lower in no time

  • Bren says:

    One way to lower your sporty would be to change to progressive shocks. Changing your seat can give you a little less height. Take out too much of your height and your sporty will not handle like it should. And being a sportster fan, that’s what they are all about! QUICK, FAST, AND EXCEPTIONAL HANDLING!

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