What is the best year to buy a used harley davidson sportster 883? (In terms of most valuble upgrades)?

Companies change and upgrade their bikes as the years progress. I know Harley switched to belts instead of chains, fuel injection, and etc. I am looking for something between the year 2000-2009 and I want to buy a year when a lot of important changes were made. I would like a detachable windshield, too, if they do that.

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  • vtwin_doc says:

    For the most advanced and reliable bike, go with an 07 or newer. In 04 HD started the rubber mounted engine on the Sportsters, but all became injected in 07. Almost ANY accessory you want can be be in the HD Accessory catalog……

    here is more info on the Sportster……….
    If you like the 883…go for it……it can EASILY be converted to 1200 and get more power from that than a stock 1200.
    Get pipes and an AIR CLEANER!!!!ALONG WITH the Screamin Eagle Super Tuner!!!!This will give the bike about 12-15 horsepower over stock….the super tuner will allow for future upgrades with no added expense on tuning.
    It can be be converted to 1200 easily in the future…if you want. The 883 has smaller intake/exhaust ports which give it higher intake and exhaust gas velocity, creating more torque. The 883 also has a 2 teeth smaller front sprocket for more torque, a 883-to-1200 conversion will out run a factory 1200…..all this can be done for slightly less than the cost of the 1200 bike ALONE.

    The Iron would be an excellent beginner bike, especially being an 883. The motor easily easily upgraded to 1200 with HD’s 883-1200 conversion kit. The bike is not too heavy, has a good, average seat height, and handles rather well. I would HIGHLY recommend having the dealer do a Stage 1 Download into the computer even as completely stock, but it MUST be done if you have pipes and an air cleaner installed (preferred is to have a Screamin Eagle SUPER TUNER installed). If you have pipes put on it to make it louder, get the HD Screamin Eagle Hi-Flo Air Cleaner put on also…..let that EPA Restricted engine breathe!!!!!

    Larry G above is DEAD wrong when it comes to being pointless past the Stage 1 download.
    You want the Screamin Eagle SUPER TUNER!!!!…….and have it Dyno TUNED…..don’t sttle for just having the base map loaded. The difference between being tuned and a base map is like night and day. The base maps are just that…a base to which to work form. Every engine is as individaul as we are as humans, they each require a little finesse and tuning to make them perform optimally. The Super Tuner will also allow for easier tuning for any future upgrade you may make.
    A Stage 1 download is nothing more than a GENERIC map from HD that is "ok" for all bikes….this is CRAP!!!……the Stage 1 download was specifically made for a HD with Screamin Eagle Mufflers and Air Cleaner……not all mufflers (or complete exhaust systems) flow exactly the same and not all Air Cleaners flow exactly the same…meaning, if you change ANYTHING on the exhaust and intake that the Stage 1 was not designed for, it wil not work as well…..like I said every engine is DIFFERENT.
    As far as power output goes….it will vary as to what components are used and how well it is tuned….but on an average from completely STOCK to an upgrade of exhaust/air cleaner, super tuner, about 12-15 horsepower……..

    Here is a XR1200 that I just did recently………I had the heads ported with oversize valves, hi-flo guides, radius valve job, 10.5:1 compression, cnc ported throttle body, Screamin Eagle Air Cleaner, RedShift Cams, and modified STOCK exhaust, all with a Screamin Eagle Super Tuner modified ECM. This was actually one of the easiest bikes I ever tuned….it put out 112hp @ 6700rpm and 108 ft/lbs of torque @ 5900rpm…………..these measurement are taken at the WHEEL…not the crank…..and are higher figures than a STOCK HD 103" Big Twin………….

    If you have any other questions, just email me, will be glad to help.

    With the 3 answers here, and with what others above me have added, I think the Sportster line-up make great beginner bikes….also the 883’s insurance rates are usually a little lower.

    ALSO…………alot of people tend to feel cramped up on the Sportsters…..they do make FORWARD CONTROLS!!!!!…..this will allow you to stretch your legs out for better comfort.

  • Bob B says:


  • Love says:

    January is the slowest month for motorcycle sales, they’ll try to get you to buy anything for cheaper.

  • kelly_f_1999 says:

    pretty much any year you want really ride a 2000 model got new and im sure i have as many add ons as it cost me to buy it new pretty easy to fit pretty much what you want its just what you want to pay for the problem

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