How much to bling out a Harley Davidson?

If someone bought a new basic Harley, then added pipes, higher handlebars, mirrors, lights, a fork, new seat, console on the gas tank, etc, about how much would they be spending on all the add-ons?

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  • jon says:

    After seeing Doc’s post…..I’m glad I dont own a Harley.

  • roadawg says:

    you could spend anywhere from 5 to 12 grand.

    one more thing when you go to sell the bike

    bling don’t mean a thing, you’ll never get your money back.

  • Firecracker . says:

    Your list is over $1500 without the fork.
    And that’s the low end, it could be much, much more.

  • jo2154jim says:

    You would be better off buying it with all the "bling" attached, unless you have about another $15,000 to spend getting it afterwards.

  • Adam says:

    chrome wont get you home! I build my bikes to go not for show! And by the way chrome holds in heat very bad for an air cooled motor! Polished aluminum is better!

  • Bob A says:

    You could have a custom bike built to suit you cheaper than buying a Harley and modifying it

  • Scott says:

    I don’t know, my original 1975 beemer has 256,000 miles (all but 8k are mine) and will still lift the wheel. I did upgrade the seat…in 1986! Org pipes, org bars, mirrors, lights (O-K there is one upgrade I wouldn’t mind…newer bikes make me cast a shadow!).

    But I do apreciate the way HD riders keep the economy going.

    O-k, start the thumbs down thing, look for me in Glacier NP, I’ll buy the 1st beer.

  • Scooter says:

    Well that all depends, on the bike and where you buy. Lets go with an after market ball park figure. On the low end of about $2500.00 to $3000.00. On the high end, about $5000.00.

  • vtwin_doc says:

    Pipes…..500 – 1000
    Air Cleaner…..150 – 750
    FUEL INJECTION TUNING IS A MUST…..Screamin Eagle Super Tuner….450
    Dyno Tuning………………………350
    Handlebars/Risers/Urethane Bushings w/ Internal Wiring……(LABOR INCLUDED)1000 – 1500
    New Cables and Brake Lines for bars…….500
    Mirrors……250 – 1000
    Lights….depends on what you want and HOW CLEAN YOU WANT THE WIRING….I did 24 LEDs with CONCEALED wiring…..20 hours labor @ 90/hr + 400 for LEDs
    Forks…..depends on what you mean by "forks"…..500 – 5000
    Seat…..300 – 2000
    Tank Console???…..depends what you mean by console and if available for that particular tank/model

    Customizing is charged straight time by the hour, there is no way to give accurate figures as all customization is different

    I will tell you this….ANY and ALL Harley Performance Parts & Accessories purchased and installed AT THE TIME OF PURCHASE, are covered 100% by the factory 2 year warranty. Installed ANY time after time of purchase, you will get 30 day warranty MAX. This can be added to the financing with no extra out-of-pocket expense and no bike "down-time" later. Do it RIGHT, the way you want from the start and you won’t have to worry about it later….Do it up and RIDE!!!

  • Paul says:

    This is exactly why I dont think HD is ever going to be mainstream anymore. If you were gonna spend $30k+ on a motorcycle, why wouldnt you simply buy a custom!? Most customs I see for about $30k+ have atleast a 110cc kit, full of chrome, hidden brake/cable lines and a cool factor HD simply cant touch.

    DO NOT piss your money away on pimpin out a HD because its a complete waste of money. Like most posters said, "you simply will NOT get your money back". Look on craigslist and Ebay and decide for yourself. Its amazing how many people put that much money into a motorcycle and think they will get their monrey back. It is purely a myth.


  • Mr. Dave says:

    The amount you spend on adding "bling" to your Harley is only limited by the depth of your bank account. Personally I dropped $4K on add-ons. It is my first Harley. When I buy my second one I doubt I’ll do much to it, unless it actually improves performance. Most of what I bought made it prettier, but didn’t do much to increase performance. As they say "chrome don’t get you home".

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