How much is a custom paint job for a motorcycle?

I have an 09 Fatboy and was wondering what the average price range is for getting the Tank and the front and rear fenders painted? I don’t know exactly what I want yet but if you could give my a low and high end price range that would be great!
I am currently located in Colorado Springs but will be moving to NC in March. I found this awesome U.S. Army paint set but it wont fit my bike. Here is the link for it.

This is something that would be a possibility for my bike.

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  • Bob A says:

    How much you got?Custom paint will cost you what ever you’ll pay.

  • Ryan M says:

    has to be up in the 4 digit area

  • D B says:

    Where are you located? I’m Canadian.
    Depends on what you want how much prep work is required. Also how famous/busy the painter thinks he/she is.
    Save a few $ by re’n’reing the parts yourself.

    Expect between 1500 and 3000 for a one color base/clear coat paint job and depending on what you want more or less. Understand the sky is the limit.
    Insist on a Base/Clearcoat job though your bike deserves no less! I’ve seen 15,000 dollar paint jobs! After building cycles 30 years now I know the paint is the achilies heel in my day.
    I bought a spray gun last year and am learning to do it myself…like everything else it’s hard,expensive, time consuming and FRUSTRATING to find and keep good help!
    I will purchase an air brush next.
    Shops specialize in painting cycles. They have stands to support tanks and fenders. If they don’t use this equipment shop elsewhere. Also a downdraft paint booth is essential.
    Harley also supplies ‘custom paint’ kits for your bike. A few GG’S will get you NEW FLASHY CUSTOM PAINT and you get to keep the stock stuff!
    RIDE ON!

  • ninjadadi says:

    your gunna find that good paint isn’t cheap and cheap paint isn’t good. make sure that since its on the bike it is a two stage paint single wont hold up to the weather. if your going for solid or 2 Colors maybe a pin stripe low bid around 900 high bid for same around 2500. add some air brush and the sky is the limit.

  • The Freak Show says:

    I recently got a price of $1,000 for a single color respray on a Roadking. If I brought in the pieces off the bike it would be $200 cheaper. That was at a good local indy cycle shop that does their own line of custom choppers. They do a nice job, so that estimate isn’t for some sloppy and nasty work.

    Like the other answerer said before, the sky is the limit after that.

  • BitterOldBastard!!!!! says:

    about 3k i have a 99 FLSTF

  • Mike B says:

    It Depends On;
    a. What Yhoo Have Painted On It
    b. Labour Costs. Longer It Takes/More Complicated It Is, The More Money They’ll Charge
    c. Type Of Paint Used
    d. Size Of Area Being Painted

    –Mikey B–

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