How can I find a good tattoo artist in my area?

I want to get a tattoo, but I know some people who got their tattoos from parlors that look nice and neat and end up with an infection or a messed up tattoo. Is there any way I can find a list of good tattoo artist and parlors in my area? Is there a certain standard I should be looking for in a tattoo artist/parlor? This information would really help me and I thank you for your time.

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  • midoriseito says:

    look them up in the phone book.
    go to them and look at their books of tattoos they have done. they always take pictures of their work.
    this will also help you find the right style artist for what you want..
    take your time.. tattoos are forever.
    ask people who have cool tats where they got it done and look there.
    good tats arent cheap.. spend the money and get one from a pro and not an aprentince..

    the infections are from not taking care of it after it is done.

  • I'm_not_dead_yet. says:

    if you step into a shop with needles that are not in plastic packages thats an indication they aren’t a good shop. If the shop is clean and you know people who got a tattoo that didn’t look bad or get infected ask them where they got theirs from. also it depends on the area you live in.

  • SWEET T says:

    GOOGLE it!!!!!!

  • Ken W says:

    a clean shop, needles still packaged, and artists wear gloves

  • ibushido says:

    Go to your local gym look at people’s tattoos, then ask where they got the ones you like. People are usually happy to recommend their favorite artist.

  • Sheryl W says:

    If you see people with tattoos ask them who did it and would they recommend them again. Thats how i found my second tattooist

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