How do you get mold out of a motorcycle helmet?

I packed my motorcycle helmet away for winter and when I took it out it had mold in the padding. I have a HJC CS-12 helmet.

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  • John Paul says:

    I own a HJC helmet too! I use for sports car racing. Sounds like a smelly situation. Sunshine would be the only thing I would do and wipe the inside with fabreeze fabric freshener. Then go out and buy another helmet keeping old moldy as a spair.

  • auditor4u2007 says:

    take a small amount of bleach (couple of cap fulls) and mix in a cup of water, then dab it on the mold areas. That will kill the mold for sure. Then place the helmet outside in the sun to dry it off, or sit it on top of the heat register so that warm dry air will blow on it…or for that matter you can use a hair dryer on a low setting.

  • triquatra_06 says:

    First try to scrape the mold off with a coarse rag or scratch pad. If it comes off then take a slightly damp rag and soap or dish detergent to cleanse it. Don’t use to much water or you will ruin your padding.

  • JeffyB says:

    Almost impossible. You can try to spray it with bleach solution, but if it’s in the foam, you’ll need to replace it.

  • mrmiketattoo says:

    if you can get the padding out wash it if not then use some laundry detergent and hand scrub it and rinse it good let it dry completely before wearing it

  • Cycle Mart says:

    That is a $100 helmet. Get a new one.

    I would say replace the pads and bleach it (bleach/water solution)
    Because it is a $100 helmet it is not worth the effort IMO.

  • meaness613 says:

    depending on the wetness of the mold.
    if it seems to be a light surface mold then you should brush off surface lightly. then saturate with a mold killing spray such as lysol spray.repeat if needed. giving time to dry in between. wear a face mask & gloves when removing any MOLD.
    If it is a heavy mold, your BEST bet would be to try and remove the padding or padding cover. if you can get the material off by GENTLY removing it from the foam, its not hard to recover with an old tshirt material. just take your time. use some hot glue to hold the material to the pad and then a stronger glue to hold pad to helmet.
    If you love this helmet it shouldnt be hard. if its too much bother buy a new one.

  • patrickh says:

    I would be less concerned about the mold and more concerned about the damage your EPS (extruded poly-styrene) lining may have suffered from the prolonged dampness it was exposed to.

    This is the styrofoam like stuff that lines the inside of your shell and is an integral part of your helmets protection ability in the event of a crash.

    Get a new helmet.

  • Don E says:

    Go by a new one so your head does not mold too.

  • Glennroid says:

    I don’t know for sure that this will work, but it is great fro sprucing up and rejuvenating a smelly helmet. I’ve done it a few times to two different Shoei’s and it worked great.

    Run the helmet through the dishwasher. Don’t let the dry cycle run. Run it with no dishes, by itself, with dishwashing detergent.

    I put it in my garage with a fan on it afterwards to let it dry off. You can also just let it dry over a few days.

    It works very well and probably will clean up the mold. Certainly worth a try.

  • K.W. says:

    Bleach can remove mold, but then will discolor the padding etc. Try contacting the maker and see if you can buy just the padding for the inside of the helmet. Good Luck!

  • Firecracker says:

    Lysol for the mold.
    Febreeze or similar for the smell.
    $75.00 for a new one.

    Next year, don’t pack it, leave it on a shelf where it can get air circulation.

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