What is best enduro motorcycle for a big man?

I’m 6’6" and 270 lbs, looking to buy an enduro motorcycle that will fit my frame. Any suggestions?

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  • Alicia P says:

    I would say that KTM makes the best enduro bikes, I race one in enduros and at any given starting line they are 80% of the bikes out there.
    for a larger frame, a 300 xc-w if you’re into two strokes or a 450 if you’re into four strokes seems to work well. My dad is 6’2 (not quite as tall) and has been pretty happy on his 300.

    also, if a bike feels too short, you can get bar risers that really help open up the riding position and make it more comfortable for taller riders

  • Chris M says:

    I think you’d be pretty happy with a Honda xr400

  • ETANATE says:

    Do you want to ride on road? honda 650.
    Do you want to ride trails? xr400/crf450X. Motocross? crf450r.
    Yamaha makes comparable models also.
    Go sit on them at a dealership and see what is comfortable. You will have to put in new springs for your specific weight. I did that to my bikes myself but the dealer can throw them on when you buy it pretty quick.

  • guardrailjim says:

    Kawasaki KLR 650 is another.
    Go to some shops and sit on the bikes to see what fits.

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