Is there a motorcycle that looks similar to the Harley-Davidson V-Rod Muscle?

It’s a cool looking motorcycle, but I’m not sure I want a Harley-Davidson, based on their mechanical problems.
Thanks for all the great answers! And sorry about the stereotype, it’s just my fellow motorcyclers cite many issues with Harleys- for example the VRod Street Rod have many technical, and balancing issues…But yeah, if this is a good bike, then that’s awesome!

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  • Mike says:

    The original muscle cruiser was made by Yamaha in the early 1980s. It was the V-Max and is what Harley Davidson has copied to produce the V-Rod. The V-Max also outperforms it often in comparison tests.

    Anyway, back to your question. Check out the big four Japanese companies’ sites. They all have modern looking cruisers that, more or less, look like the V-Rod. I would suggest the Yamaha Warrior which is geared toward the fast crusier crowd and has a modern look.

    Edit: Yeah, the Magna came out first. My bad. My real point there was that the concept wasn’t one that the Japanese copied from Harley.

  • ken k says:

    there is always an imitation rice burner/they cant stop themselves

  • puresportbmx says:

    mechanical problems……only mechanical problems my dad had on his was the radiator hose broke in half from the vibration cuz its such a beast of an engine, seriously dont get a bitch ass vstar just go out and buy the vrod get a ticket for doing 120 on the freeway get your license supsended for a month and then do it again

  • hd rider says:

    Yamaha Warrior is the motorcycle with the look.Just so you know the V-ROD has no mechanical issues.If you hate Harley Davidson don’t buy one,get your import.People who buy the V-Rod love them.Look in your local cycle trader,its hard to find a used V-Rod owners keep them.

  • polarbear says:

    The mechanical problems you speak of are long gone,…. the motor company still has problems with the stigma of that era. The V-rod is a very impressive and powerful machine. It does not leak, break or lose parts, is extremely reliable, and will still be running when the v-max is in the crusher. You will NEVER SEE a Vmax or warrior in the winners circle at an NHRA 1/4 track…the V-rod rules with complete domination.
    Here’s a nutty idea: if you’re not convinced about harley’s,… just ride a v-rod and find out for yourself. If you still want to believe in old outdated stereotypes, then a jap bike is your answer.

  • Bifwellington says:

    The "original" muscle cruiser is the Honda Magna (the V45 750cc) was introduced in 1982 and in 1983 the introduced the V65 (1100cc). The first year VMAX was introduced in 1985.

    That said…Honda had some quality issues they refused to fess up to gave a black eye on their original V4 engine design and sales took a dive. Yamaha did things right with their bike though and the bike is still available to this day. I just wish they could travel more than 120 miles between fill ups.

    Honda set the bar height and Yamaha easily pole vaulted over.

  • ninebadthings says:

    Actually the Hyosung SV650 came first and looks a whole lot like the v-rod. Or I guess the v-rod was styled to look like the Hyosung.

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