Checking brake fluid in a 2005 Harley Davidson Sportster??

I have a Harley Davidson 2005 Sportster and am a little unsure about changing and checking the brake fluid. Do they have an overflow tank?? The bottom right hand side tank is empty and the one near the handle bars is full.

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  • cycleshopwest says:

    There is no overflow tank. The one on the bottom right hand side is for the rear disc brake, and the one on the front is for the front disc brake.

    You should check the level regularly, and add more if the level is low. Be sure and buy the correct brake fluid, they come in different ratings that cannot be mixed. 05 Sporty uses DOT 5, so do not buy DOT 4 or DOT 3 brake fluid. Mixing 3 or 4 with 5 is dangerous and will not work properly.

    If you want to change the brake fluid, you’ll have to get 2 pair of banjo bolt washers for the front and rear discs or the brake lines will leak after you drain the lines. I’d flush out the calipers with new fluid before reinstalling them. Unless the brake fluid is dark or milky, it probably doesn’t need to be changed.

    If the rear reservoir is empty, I would recommend bleeding the rear brake caliper after refilling the reservoir. Always check and top off the brake fluid level after bleeding the brake.

  • indianjohn says:

    If you mean the rear master cyl is empty you better fill it they are not the same system be sure to bleed it if it is out of fluid

  • Walter F says:

    Unless your rear system has a leak (which needs to be fixed). Your rear brake pads are worn past their limits and should be replaced.

    Your rear master cylinder reservoir is located on the left side of the bike not the right.

  • sn00p says:

    no overflow, and it shouldn’t be empty. best find out where it’s going
    remember as your pads wear, your fluid drops slightly to compensate, so if you have worn pads and fill it full, when you change pads, you’ll be overfull and have a mess

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